Discover Germany, your very own travel destination

Discover the unique atmosphere of Germany’s towns and cities, and meet the people who live there. We’ll introduce you to traditional professions and the artisans who are redefining centuries-old handicrafts for the modern age. Breathe in deep and experience our green oases. Join us as we travel through a Germany that is sure to amaze. And if you’re hungry for more, why not explore Germany’s culinary side, too, sampling wines made by creative young winegrowers and indulging in exciting new interpretations of regional delicacies. In short, we invite you to join us on a journey through a Germany that is sure to amaze.

Join us off the beaten track on a journey through Germany.

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A taste trip through Germany

What defines German cuisine? Ask this question in fifty different places in Germany and you’ll get fifty different answers. While meat often gets top billing in southern Germany, the north traditionally has more in the way of fish dishes. And between the two are countless different iterations of German fare that spark new trends and are being transformed into new creations, with innovation and passion. Let us introduce you to young German winemakers, star chefs with big dreams, regional specialities and lots of other facets of Germany's foodie culture.

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Nature's manifold wonders

Germany has countless culinary tales to tell. Tales of visionaries and freethinkers who set out to discover old recipes and ingredients, before mixing them up and serving up something fresh and exciting. Something to your taste, perhaps?

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Handicrafts: age-old traditions and modern twists

Everyone is familiar with the ‘Made in Germany’ seal of approval. It signals reliability and quality, not just in Germany, but across the world. Germany’s reputation as a nation of perfectionists owes a lot to German craftsmanship. We’ll introduce you to traditional bakers, avant-garde fashion designers and young winemakers. Join us as we track down Germany’s centuries-old handicraft techniques and learn more about the sheer precision and care that local artisans pour into their work.

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An atmospheric journey for the senses

Germany is so incredibly varied that it’s always worth getting off the beaten track and going in search of the country’s true soul. You’ll find it in even the unlikeliest and most unusual corners! Germany boasts more castles than you could ever visit in a lifetime, along with enchanting historic city quarters and artistic and cultural riches to delight every taste. Join us on a journey for the senses and get swept up in Germany's unique atmosphere.